Crowns Placed in Only one Visit at Mount Prospect CERECS Dentist Office

Advances in dental technology have provided dentists with treatment options that truly transform the smiles of our patients. Whether they involve correcting a common cosmetic dental problem or using new technology to prevent serious periodontal disease, our Mount Prospect CERECS Dentist Office can address patient concerns easily and efficiently.

An added benefit to the patient is the convenience that these state-of-the-art treatments offer. Many treatments that used to require multiple appointments and lengthy office visits can now be done in only one sitting.

CEREC Crowns Eliminate Multiple Office Visits

CEREC (Ceramic Reconstruction) dental crowns are a great example of how new technology streamlines treatment. The usual process for placing a traditional dental crown requires two appointments at your dentist’s office. The first appointment involves removal of some of the existing tooth structure so that an impression can be taken.

Next, the dentist would fit you for a temporary crown to be worn for several weeks while the permanent crown is fabricated at a dental lab. Then you must had to make a second trip to the dentist so the permanent crown could be placed. This process is not only time-consuming, but many people experience problems with their temporary crown.

Efficient, Beautiful CEREC Crowns

But CEREC crowns allow you to avoid lengthy process associated with traditional crowns. CEREC crowns look natural, are just as durable as traditional crowns. The real benefit, though, is that CEREC crowns are placed in one single visit to the Mount Prospect CERECS Dentist Office . We fabricate your new crown right in our office while you wait. You do not need a temporary crown, and you leave our office with a beautiful, natural-looking dental restoration.

We mill CEREC crowns out of pure porcelain to create a beautiful restoration that is stain resistant and durable. Another benefit of CEREC crowns is that, unlike traditional crowns, they contain no metal, so they look naturally white and blend in beautifully with your natural teeth.

Please Call for More Information

If you’re interested in learning more about CEREC dental crowns, we will be happy to arrange a consultation to discuss your options and explain more about the process of having CEREC crowns placed.

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