Learn More About Pediatric Dental Care From Our Mount Prospect Family Dentists

Pediatric dental care is a crucial, but often under-understood, facet of family dentistry. Our Mount Prospect dentists have found that many parents and caregivers want more information about dental care for children. So, today, our team is answering some of the questions that we commonly field regarding pediatric dental care.

Q: When should I start bringing my child to see the dentist?
A: The American Dental Association recommends that a child sees a dentist within the first year of his or her life. Early dental care can help your child avoid oral health issues such as baby bottle tooth decay.

Q: What happens during a pediatric dental appointment?
A: During your child’s appointment we will complete a thorough professional dental cleaning, in order to clear away plaque that has recently accumulated on his or her teeth and gums. We’ll also talk to your child about the importance of dental care, and what he or she can do at home to maintain optimal oral health. Finally, we may also complete some preventive treatments to help your child avoid dental problems in the future—for example, sealants or topical fluoride applications.

Q: Why spend so much time and energy maintaining baby teeth, which my child will lose anyway?

A: Your child’s primary teeth actually serve a number of important functions, so we want to keep them strong and healthy for as long as possible. Primary teeth allow your child to expand his or her diet, learn to speak and enunciate clearly, and practice sound oral hygiene routines for the future. Plus, primary teeth serve as placeholders along your child’s gum line, so that adult teeth can emerge as easily as possible.

Want to learn more about pediatric dental care, and how to help your child build a strong oral health foundation? Contact our Mount Prospect pediatric dentist in order to get started today!

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