Mount Prospect CERECS Dentist Explains How One-Day Crowns Work

Creating beautiful, durable restorations at our Mount Prospect CERECS Dentist office is now easier than ever. CEREC is an innovative technology that has altered the way we handle dental crown restorations. With CEREC, our dental team can get you the dental treatment that you need on a timeline that works for you.

What is CEREC technology?

CEREC (CEramic REConstruction) is a system that has been used since the late 80’s to craft dental crowns right on site at the dentist office. Rather than having your crowns fabricated in a laboratory off-site, we can mill your restoration while you are in treatment in our office.

What are CEREC crowns like?

CEREC crowns are milled from sturdy and luminous porcelain. These crowns are long lasting and durable; they are not temporary crowns in any sense. Additionally, because our dentist crafts your crown and fits it during your appointment, we can ensure that your restoration is a perfect fit before you leave our office.

What about a temporary crown?

Since CEREC technology lets us complete your treatment in just one appointment, there is no need for you to wear a temporary crown while you wait for your final restoration to be complete.

Get the treatment you need quickly and get on with your regular life, without ill-fitting temporary restorations. If your smile is damaged, you don’t have to live with it for long. CEREC treatment is an effective way to regain a healthy smile after infection and injury.

To learn more about restorative dentistry in general, and CEREC crowns in particular, please feel free to contact our Mount Prospect CERECS dentist office. You can call our office to speak with our friendly dental team, or you can submit a question online and we will get back to you promptly.

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