Mount Prospect Cosmetic Dentist Helps Patients Understand Dental Staining

A bright white smile communicates youth and health, so it’s no wonder that so many dental patients are interested in whitening their smiles! Our Mount Prospect cosmetic dentist office is here to help all kinds of patients achieve glowing teeth. If you want to learn more about how and why teeth become stained (and how you can fix it!) keep reading this short article.

Every one of your teeth is made up of different layers of dental matter. The outermost layer is the dental enamel—this is what makes your teeth appear white and luminous. Below the dental enamel is a layer called dentin (which is slightly darker than enamel), after which you reach the inner dental core of the tooth. In order to understand dental discoloration, it is important to understand these layers, and to know that enamel is slightly porous.

Because enamel is porous, it is prone to accumulating stains over time. Where do these stains come from? Well, many of the foods and drinks that you consume every day can deposit color onto your dental enamel. Popular drinks like cola, coffee, tea, and red wine will discolor enamel. Additionally, intensely colored foods—like chocolate, tomato products, and berries—will darken your smile.

Additionally, as your teeth age, they will naturally begin to change in shade. Remember those different dental layers we talked about earlier? Enamel is the lightest and brightest of these layers. As your enamel begins to thin with age, more of the dark dentin will show through to the surface of your tooth.

If you are battling environmental stains, you may be able to sufficiently lighten your smile with professional whitening treatments. For people with hard-to-lighten dental enamel, porcelain veneers can completely cover stains.

Please know that, no matter what the current state of your smile, you do not have to live with a dark, gloomy smile. Our Mount Prospect cosmetic dentist office will help you find the perfect treatment for you!

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