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Are you concerned about a missing tooth and unsure about your choices for replacement? Dental implants placed by the Mount Prospect Dental Implants Dentist will give you a very natural looking replacement tooth that is also extremely durable.

Of course, there are other alternatives. Dentures were once the replacement of choice for missing teeth. There are still situations when they are the best solution depending on the needs of the patient. But dentures can cause pain or shift when chewing, restricting the types of foods you can comfortably enjoy. Dental bridges also work well, but only fill the space left by a missing tooth.

New Technology Used in Dental Implants

We all know how rapidly new technologies are being developed. Dentistry has benefitted because we are now able to employ modern materials and treatments that were not available even two decades ago.

These new techniques don’t just open new areas of treatment in general and restorative dentistry. They also enhance the comfort of the patient and reduce recovery time. A good example is dental implants made possible through the use of titanium.

A Full Tooth Replacement Option

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth or several missing teeth. First, a small titanium ‘root’ is implanted in the jawbone by a dentist or implant specialist and permitted to heal. After the ‘root’ has integrated with the structure of the jaw bone, a dental prosthetic can be positioned, creating a ‘new’ tooth.

Titanium is also incredibly strong and long-lasting, maintaining its strength for more than 20 years. Titanium dental implants can be safely utilized as titanium is judged to be fully inert and immune to corrosion by all body fluids and tissue, which makes it fully biocompatible.

Contact Our Office for More Information

In any case, it is best to replace missing teeth as soon as possible. Your oral health can deteriorate quickly when you have a missing tooth.

Contact the Mount Prospect Dental Implants Dentist to schedule a consultation so we can find the best solution for your individual needs. You can potentially revive your gorgeous smile safely and effectively utilizing long-lasting dental implants.