Dental Implants

Are your existing dentures or bridges feeling loose or uncomfortable?

Dental implants can stabilize and support your prosthetic devices.

Discover a comfortable, stable smile with dental implants!

Dental implants are durable replacement teeth that are actually inserted into the patient’s jawbone. These implants are useful for stabilizing existing dentures and bridges. So if you are noticing that your current prosthetic devices are shifting around, or feeling loose, dental implants may be the answer for you!

Why do so many patients turn to Mount Prospect dentist Dr. Durso for dental implant restoration?

Present You with Personalized Options

Our dental team will assess your smile and give you treatment options that are personalized to fit your life, smile, and budget. We will explain the procedure for dental implants, and even show you models and mock-ups so that you can visualize the final results.

Flexibility and Payment Plans

We’re proud to offer our patients convenient payment plans—these plans can help make your dream smile a reality. Various financing options, as well as CareCredit™, have helped numerous patients improve their smiles. Just give us a call, or ask us about financing at your consultation, in order to get more information!

Restore Your Smile and Your Life

Dental implants will help you reclaim a healthy smile, and your regular life. Post-treatment you will be able to eat, drink, and speak with ease. And many patients find that they can’t wait to show off their new, stable smiles!

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